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Alliance Specialized Inc.

About Us

Our family-operated company, Alliance Specialized Inc. has been providing trucking, transload, and warehousing services to customers for over 25 years.

We have a dedicated team that obtains extensive industry expertise and experience.

Consider us the one-stop solution to any of your transportation needs as we offer a range of services and specialize on Overweight & Oversized cargo throughout the Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports including our neighboring states. 

Alliance Specialized Inc. has always been a loyal company, and aspires to be recognized by its customers, employees, and vendors as an integral part of their success.

We realize that excellent customer service requires hard work along with an unmatched dedication which is why our company is committed to hiring diligent drivers and team.

Thank you in advance for considering our company.


We hope you will be part of our Alliance.

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Our Services



Our goal is to provide the most reliable transportation service to meet our customers needs.  We are able to service throughout the Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach,  and Port Hueneme, we also have transported freight all through California, Arizona, and Nevada. Our well trained and reliable workforce offers safe and secure transportation that you can trust.


Alliance owns many heavy duty forklifts and other equipment which helps us provide a more effective service to our customer’s transloading needs. Our transloading facility offers an incomparable team of forklift drivers that will safely transload your cargo. We aim to provide innovative solutions to comply with most commodities, our 45,000 lbs capacity forklifts and other equipment of up to 90,000 lbs lift capacity allow us to handle most jobs. 


Alliance is strategically located near LA/LB Terminals in the South Los Angeles region to minimize drayage costs and time to and from our warehouses. Where we have  an established reputation of safely handling long and heavy commodities most warehouses can’t handle. We offer enough Warehouse  space for you to safely & securely store your shipments.


Alliance Specialized is an asset-based trucking company, we invest and are constantly seeking to grow which is why we own all of our equipment.

This ensures that equipment used for transportation is up to our standards, and reduces costs associated with renting equipment that clients may have to deal with. 

Owning our Equipment allows us to offer more services such as Rentals.

Here at Alliance you can rent out any of our many forklifts and man power along with it. 


  • 20’/40’/45 Chassis

  • 20’40’ Tri-axle Chassis

  • 48' Flatbeds

  • Tri-Axle Stepdeck trailers with 40' bottoms

  • Extendable RGN

  • Lowboys

  • Multi-axle trailers

  • Up to 9-axles

  • 4-Axle Tractors

  • Forklift 45,000 Lbs Lift Capacity 

  • Crane 60,000 Lbs Lift Capacity 

  • Top Handler 90,000 Lbs Lift Capacity 


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri



8:00 am – 5:00 pm

9:00 am – 12:00 pm


2827 Norton Ave.

Lynwood, CA 90262

Ph: (562) 455 - 0555

Fax: (888) 660 - 3777

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